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As of December 2022, there are at least 2,999,008 podcasts and 152,596,784 episodes. About 200 are mine.

I started Podcasting in 2013 guesting on the Milking it Podcast With David Davies and Boo Lemont. In 2014 I started my first show "The Totally Insane Tape Show"  with Boo Lemont, it ran for a bit before all the episodes were wiped from the internet accidentally by David. I then Started up "The Highly Recommended Show" with Boo Lemont, doing more of the same inane takes on TV and movies as we did previously, just with funkier music. This branched out into "the Highly Recommended Beer and Music Show" with Captain J Spaulding, this was more a music and drinking banter-based show... it was terrible and you were terrible if you listened to it. Another break followed and, a new show soon popped up when I got bored enough to start another, this time "The Stupid People Podcast" with Captain J Spaulding, my first challenging show where we'd take a topic and then attempt to explain it... badly. This came to a sudden halt when life got in the way.

After this show, there were sporadic videos posted on youtube for quizzes featuring Boo, Captain J and New semi-regular co-host Abbie Stabby. This eventually became my Lockdown project "ThatFkingShow" a nonsensical show that covered everything and everything in quiz form. It bounced around in tone and schedule before transforming into the end of the world show, which combined role-playing and trivia into one absolute mess of fun. I have recently brought this back to life, albeit without a set schedule and without any set hosts or plans in general... like the good old days.

The show that came from this was my favourite and possibly the greatest achievement of my podcasting career "Death Is Not the End". In this guests will be asked to imagine they are at the end of their life and asked to retell and reimagine it as a movie, featuring music that they'd ideally like to score it with. It was an incredible run of shows that I was grateful for everyone who volunteered to be part of. Sadly with that, it was a big ask and guests were few and far between, it is currently on hiatus.

My last shows... I have a lot I know, my brain is too busy for it's own good. "Local Radio X" Me doing radio and quizzes, many different subjects and styles. More an excuse to hang out with mates and spin some tunes. Look for the occasional upload on them ocasionally.

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