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I am ThatFKingGuy​. I do "Trash Art", it's scrungy, messy and usually made using the worst materials possible.

I grew up being told Comics had no future so I shouldn't bother trying to learn how to draw, so I just learned from all the comics I could get my mitts on. Including Marvel, Manga and American 70's underground. All this combined with the cartoons I sat down to watch while being unemployed after I left school led to my style not lying within one genre. I have self-published a dozen comix over the years, they are full of swears and puns, I am proud of them..


I sadly do have a podcast, but as I have a bald head and a beard I legally have to. My current project is TotalCultZone presents: ThatFKingShow. It's mostly about movies but sometimes it's not.. I hate the idea of niching down and limiting myself. The movies I cover are varied and hopefully, stuff that hasn't been covered by a million other movie podcasts.

I'm also currently writing a book in the fantasy genre, I don't like fantasy really so it's perfect.

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Yes, I have a store to sell my wares, find yourself a bargin at the Totalcultzone

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